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The progressive dream of fundamentally transforming America has never been this close. They have succeeded in nationalizing health care and several industries. They have made the congress almost as irrelevant as the Roman Senate under the Czars. However, there are still three battles the progressives need before they will have won the war.

1. Nationalizing the press
I know the MSN is beyond biased, but it could be much worse. Right now, you will get an occasional member of the progressive media, taking a sane stand on an issue. If the government takes control of the media, we will never learn the truth about anything of substance. If they nationalizes media outlets, you can be sure, they will legislate talk radio and blogs out of existence.

They are already making the case for newspaper bailouts. I'm sure that as part of the bailouts they will want to tax and regulate blogs. Am I crazy, or is this the road to tyranny? Make no mistake they will push for this before November.

2. Immigration reform
We do not know how many illegal aliens we have in America, estimates range from 12-30 million. I think we may have more than thirty million. If the progressives receive 10 million additional votes they will control the government for a long time. They may gain electoral control of several western states.

Progressives say they are not going to push for reform this year, but don't believe them. They need those votes to create their grand utopia. I think they may push for it right before the election, but it will not come in time to change the November election. If they get it, they will have locked up 2012. The Republicans will likely be powerless to repeal it. I doubt they will have enough votes in the Senate to override a Presidential veto. If we let this happen, you can say goodbye to the Constitution.

3. Repeal the 2nd Amendment
Many gun lovers have the idea that they will go house to house taking our guns. If you believe this is how it will be done, you are underestimating the cunning nature of our enemy. They don't need to use brute force that will create armed resistance. They will, one week at a time, legislate your guns away. They will make it illegal to reload ammunition. They will restrict sales of semiautomatic weapons. They will place more taxes and regulations on private gun dealers. They will force gun owners to pay expensive licensing fees for every weapon they own. Until one day we will wake up to find that very few people own a gun.

How fast will they push for these restrictions on the 2nd? I used to think, we were years away from that day. Things changed about 17 months ago. If they achieve immigration reform and nationalizing of the media outlets, the 2nd amendment will not survive much longer. If we lose the 2nd, it's all over. America, as you and I know it, will become a memory.

George Washington, did not win many battles, but he won the war. We have lost some battles, but we can still win the war. Remember last year? Remember how conservatives fought like lions? It's time to get ready; these are battles we can not lose.



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