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As the liberal media continues its assault on reality, the alternative media is growing stronger. More Americans are turning to talk radio and blogs, to learn the truths the MSN chooses to ignore. Regardless of what some might say, we need more information not less. In the latest effort to assure that my readers are well informed from multiple sources; I give you my interview with Opus #6

TM- What led you to become a political blogger?

OPUS- The feeling of powerlessness surrounding Obama's election. I was writing on a small blog with about 20 mommy/old buddy followers. I decided to promote my blog by joining blogging clubs, building my readership, so that I would be ready for the next election. To my surprise, Obama never settled down to become president. He remained on the campaign trail, campaigning for this bad scheme and that. As soon as Obama stops campaigning, I will, I told myself. But it is about more than just Obama. Our country has had problems building up for many decades. And with a left wing media pretending to report the news, there is a need for conservatives to have a voice in U.S. news and world news. I will continue blogging as long as I have something to say.

TM- You have been involved in the Tea Party movement. What impact have you seen come from this movement?

OPUS- I think the Tea Party movement was influential in keeping Obamacare reform as tamped down as it was. Notice how the lefties are nursing wounds that there was no public option, among other complaints? Without the loud conservative voice on this and many other issues, our country would be even further to the left than it has already been driven. We are holding onto freedom by our fingernails, and it is the Tea Party movement that has saved our country this past year in the absence of checks and balances in Washington.

TM- What influence does being a mother have on your political ideology?

OPUS- It makes preserving what is good about the U.S. even more important. " I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy." ... John Adams US diplomat & politician (1735 - 1826) Maybe our kids should never give up vigilance over their freedom. But I feel we owe to our children the same loyalty and dedication our forefathers gave to us. They gave us the greatest country on Earth. A beacon of liberty and prosperity for the world. How can we sit idle while leftists progressively destroy all that is good about America.

TM- What will it take for conservatives to take back the country?

OPUS- We need to hold steady and go after the key senate seats and house seats. We all pitched in to elect Scott Brown to break the filibuster-proof senate majority. Even the majority of Massachusetts residents agreed that it was the right thing to do. We must have checks and balances in government. I'm not saying liberals don't have a voice. They should. But theirs should not be the only voice. They locked conservatives out of most key debates and when they did include us it was just for show. We the people deserve to be heard. And we will be.

TM- You are involved with a few blogging projects. Tell us a little about them, and who is involved.

OPUS- I have attempted to start blogging clubs in a few locations. The most successful one was at Smart Girl Politics. A number of new bloggers (some of our best friends, btw) joined that club and got their start in blogging last year with followers from that club. By supporting each other and networking, we build power.
Teri Christoph of Smart Girl Politics was awesome, helped me set up the club and supported the idea. She is a true patriot. There was another location where I tried to set up a club but was not allowed to. The administrators of the site viewed me with suspicion. Maybe they feared I would get ladies too involved in outside blogging and less involved in their forum. That was sad, and contrary to the theme of us all battling together to take back our country. I gravitate toward the good 'uns and leave the others to themselves.

As you can tell by reading this, Opus is a great patriot. If everyone cared as much as she does, this country and the entire world would be a better place. She actively makes her voice heard in local, state, and national politics. She is a true leader in the conservative blogging movement, who encourages new bloggers. Her blog, MAINFO, is treasure for those who read conservative blogs, and one of my daily reads.



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