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For years we have been warned constantly that peak oil is only a few years away. Then, those few years pass and they tell us it will be just a few more years. This pattern has been going on for decades. Since the inception of the peak oil fear, demand and use has increased substantially, yet, it has never happened. Could it be that peak oil is a myth, and our understanding of the nature of (so called) fossil fuels is incorrect?

There is a theory (known as the Abiotic Oil Theory) that oil is not the product of fossil fuels, but is the result of chemical reactions in the earth. If this theory is true then oil is a renewable resource. As you can imagine, this idea (if true) would change our world in dramatic ways. Until recently I thought of it as an interesting theory, but the events in the Gulf of Mexico are sifting this idea from a wild theory, to likely reality.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the spill in the gulf. I am not one to embrace wild conspiracy theories. I'm not going to jump off the deep end and say it was an attack or that we did it on purpose. Never the less, only a fool would think that we are being told the whole truth. Part of the problem is the nature of the MSM. They have become so used to issuing corporate and government propaganda that they have forgotten how to ask basic questions.

The big question being ignored is exactly how far down they were drilling. We know that it was a mile under the ocean surface, but how far was it under the earth’s surface? We know that the well had the ability to drill 30,000 feet into the earth. Many of the newer oil wells have such capability.

Most experts agree that fossil remains can not be found past 17,000 feet. If oil is fossil product, why would they be drilling deeper than fossil remains are found? I could understand if they made these rigs to drill an extra few hundred feet, but they are making them to drill more than two miles extra. I think they were drilling much deeper than they should have been and hit a pressure pocket unlike anything seen before. I think this is why they are not telling us the whole truth about this oil spill.

If oil is not a fossil product, it would seem that the oil companies know, and are hiding it from the public. If the public found out, that we have an almost limitless renewable supply of oil, we would never pay what we do for gas. If the public found out, we would never give consideration to the environmental theories being used to push world wide Marxism. If the public found out, we would have no need to depend on foreign oil. In short, if the public found out, the globalist agenda would crumble.

Is it true? I'm not a geologist, but from what I have read, it makes perfect sense. If the media would do its job, and ask basic questions, we would likely know the truth of the whole matter. Unfortunately, they seem to think Lindsay Lohan is more important. I hope my url doesn't get shut down for asking too many questions.



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