Origin of The Green Movement

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How we deal with our environment is a problem that should appeal to all reasonable people. Who wants to have smog filled skies and polluted water? While many people in this movement are sincere in their intentions to make the world a better place, those behind the movement have sinister motives.

This movement not something new, the origins of the big government environmental movement go back further than most realize. It goes back much further than Agenda 21 or Silent Spring. This goes back to one of my favorite targets, Karl Marx's little friend, Frederick Engels. His writing entitled 'The Dialectic of Nature' was the first call to use the cause of the environment to bring about socialism.

In 1883 Frederick Engels made the argument that capitalism was harmful to nature and that the cause of protecting nature would be one of the most effective ways to bring about socialism throughout the globe. Much of the science he references to is set to that time period and the preceding decade, unless you are familiar with many of these ideas it is easy to get lost; I had to consult several additional reference sources to understand several portions. It is basically a fusion of Hegelian reasoning, Marxist concepts, combined with Darwinism and offer obsolete sciences of the 19th Century.

Why should you care?

In order for freedom loving people to achieve our goal we must understand the opposition. Many view the environmental movement as something relatively new. Most freedom loving people have the false perception that it has somehow been hijacked by socialists. The truth is that the origins and purpose of the movement are completely socialist; it has manipulated and ensnared many sincere people. They have become the useful idiots that Lenin believed were essential for communism to take root.

This is what socialists do: They take a real problem, such as poverty, pollution, crime, ect. Then they exaggerate the problem and promote socialism as the only solution. Anyone who opposes their solutions is demonized as being pro crime, pro poverty, and pro pollution.



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