Down The Hatch

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Thirty years ago, Utah elected a young Senator who promised he would go to D.C. to fight for Utah and conservationism. He promised that he would limit himself to two terms and never become apart of the Washington culture. Three decades later, not only has he failed to be champion of conservatism, he is still in office and has no plan to leave.

Orrin Hatch, has voted time and time again to expand the size of government. Time after time, his loyalties were with the establishment of the Republican Party, instead of Utah and the Constitution. Yet in election years he rediscovers his conservatism. This year is no different, as he has been making the rounds in the media attacking Obama.

The sad part is he will likely pull it off again. The man who voted for bailouts and countless special interest sponsored bills, seems to have no limit to his campaign funds. I know a few people who have for no apparent reason received in the mail a complimentary hardback copy of his latest book. They were all a bit surprised, none of them had made any contribution to his campaign or supported him in any way. How much money does this guy have to just randomly mail compliment hardback books to his constitutes?

This guy is RINO to the core. He is carrier politician who has been in office decades, while initially being elected with the promise of self imposed term limits! It's time to down the Hatch.



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