Chiang Kai-shek

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In Tiananmen Square, a large banner depicting Mao hangs for all the world to see. Mao's images can be found everywhere in China. He is presented as the hero of the people, while China's real hero has been made out to be the ultimate villain.

Chiang Kai-shek ranks among the great leaders of the 20th Century. He was in my opinion, the greatest anti-Communist the world has ever known. Of course, the international leftist media and educational leaders have sought diligently to demonize this man and his legacy. Even in Taiwan, leftist are seeking to vilify him:

To me it is amazing that a man who faced the challenges he did managed to live to an old age. Here are some of the challenges to his rule:
  • Soviet backed Communists within the country
  • The Japanese invasion of China
  • Communist spies throughout his government
  • Western nations betraying him and backing Mao's rebels
  • Being exiled from the mainland

After the Japanese invaded China, the Chinese people demanded that he stop his war on the the Communists and focus all his attention on the Japanese. To which Chiang replied:

The Japanese are a disease of the skin. The Communists are a disease of the heart.

How right he was. Had they listened to him and focused on the Communists, over fifty million people would not have been murdered by Mao and China would be a free nation.

I wish conservatives in our country would understand that the Marxist threat within is much greater than any threat posed by radical Islam.

Ultimately, the betrayal of Chiang by the United States, who decided to back Mao, forced him to leave the mainland to Taiwan. Our State Department's decision to back Mao infuriated the General on scene Alfred Wedemeyer, to his dying day. As a consequence of our betrayal we lost thousands of American lives fighting Chinese Communist backed nations.

In our day the international media is dominated my leftists and China is controlled by the Communist Party. One day, (I hope in my lifetime) they will not be in control. The day will come, when the Chinese people tear down the portraits of Mao and Marx; and in their place will be images of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek, China's real heroes.



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