Which Is More Important?

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One thing I love about Tea Party is that it has more people talking about the Constitution and our founders. Our Constitution is the most inspirited document concerning the governing of man, in modern times. Yet, to often people toss it aside for the flavor of the month political objective they feel will increase their power.

It's easy to see how Marxist tread on the constitution in their pursuit of an all powerful state, but far too often conservatives are guilty of this offense. I'll give you some examples:

1. Support of the federal government's war on drugs, as it is currently being implemented
No decent person wants to see drug increase, but the way we have dealt with this problem has given the federal government powers not authorized by the constitution. It has also been used to justify an end to 4th Amendment rights.

2. Support for central banking
Article 1 Section 8 states that Congress shall have power to coin money. Instead many so called conservatives support continuing the illegal practice of having a private (Google the 5th Plank of the Communist Manifesto) central bank, which is controlled by private European banks, print our money and charge us interest. Who then use the profits to support socialist governments and oppression of third world nations.

3. Support of foreign aid to various nations
I love Israel and support it, I would encourage others to do likewise. Nowhere in the constitution is the federal government given authority to take money from the American people and give it to another nation. If you favor keeping foreign aid alive to support our allies, I suggest the same thing I would to a rich person who thinks rich people should pay more. write a personal check, if that is where you want your money to go, send it to them. Our government is broke and has no authority to do this.

4. Support of socialist programs such as Social Security
Tell me where in the constitution is Social Security authorized? Don't you dare say the General Welfare Clause. Anyone who has read the Federalist Papers knows that is not true. Where do people like Romney get off defending such a program? I guess it makes sense if AARP support is more important to you than following the constitution.

5. Any war in the past 60 years
Congress has not declared war since Pearl Harbor. Article 1 Section 8 is quite clear that only Congress shall have the power to declare war. Why did they make it this way? They were students of history who understood the importance of limiting executive power. It matters not if the war is just or not, by allowing the executive branch to declare war without a declaration of war from Congress, we have tread on the Constitution.

The question is, which is more important the Constitution (which has held our republic together while numberous others have risen and fallen), or, advancing a current political objective? We need to follow the constitution at all times, not just when it is convenient.



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