Mormonism & Socialism

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We are seeing socialist infiltrating various religions and seeking to alter the doctrines and practices. This will be the first in a series of posts from various authors, regarding the incompatibility of their faith and socialism. It is not intended to promote or favor any particular religion, as there will be posts regarding a variety of faiths. These posts (no matter how true), are not necessarily the official position of any church, but are a reflection of teachings.

The LDS view
While the majority of LDS (Mormon) people understand the incompatibility of socialism and our faith, decades of propaganda from the public schools and mass media is leading a growing number of Latter-day Saints astray. While the Church does not endorse political parties or candidates, it has and will speak out on a number of issues, which can impact the spiritual growth of Church members and all of God's children. As I said in the post on Jesus and socialism, it would be incorrect to assume that if God is not a socialist, he must be a capitalist. God is above the imperfect economic systems of man.

The War in Heaven
LDS doctrine is unique in its understanding of the War in Heaven mentioned in Revelation 12:7. We believe that before the foundation of the world, there was a great council in heaven in which God presented the plan of salvation for his children. Under this plan we would come to earth and learn and grow, based on the choices we made. Under such a plan some would choose poorly and not return to our Father's presence.

An angel high in power and authority known as Lucifer rebelled against God and presented his own plan. Under his plan we would not be given agency, instead each would be compelled to make the correct choices and all would return. Because Lucifer sought to take the place of God and destroy the agency of his children, he and those who followed him were cast out of heaven, and became the devil and his angels. (Moses 4:3-4)

The War on Earth
From the beginning of mankind, Satan has continued his war, by limiting the agency of man through various forms of oppressive governments. We believe that we live in troubled times, and that in the past few centuries, the forces of good and evil have increased throughout the earth. One of Satan's primary sources for fighting the work of God is through the power of Marxist governments. We all know what happened to Christians, Jews, and other religious minorities under Communist governments. Socialism, is an earthly variation of the plan Satan sought to impose on men in the Council of Heaven.

Quotes from Church leaders:
Communism destroys man’s God-given free agency... Latter-day Saints cannot be true to their faith and lend aid, encouragement, or sympathy to any of these false philosophies. They will prove snares to their feet. - President David O. McKay, see R. Clayton Brough, His Servants Speak, 1975, p. 77

I attended a second lecture on Socialism, by Mr. Finch; and after he got through, I made a few remarks… I said I did not believe the doctrine. - Joseph Smith History of the Church 6:33

Let us not be deceived in the sifting days ahead. Let us rally together on principle behind the prophet as guided by the promptings of the Spirit. We should continue to speak out for freedom and against socialism and communism. We should continue to come to the aid of patriots, programs, and organizations that are trying to save our Constitution through every legal and moral means possible. - President Ezra Taft Benson Be Not Deceived” 1065; compare God, Family, Country 342

We call upon all Church members completely to eschew Communism. The safety of our divinely inspired Constitutional government and the welfare of our Church imperatively demand that Communism shall have no place in America. - President Heber J. Grant Warning to Church Members 488 )

There are many other similar quotes from a variety of Church leaders. Socialism is envy, theft, and outright idolatry; but most of all, it is slavery. Such a system cannot be harmonized with the teachings of the Church.



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