Midweek Propaganda 2

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Welcome imperialist swine! Since our last edition of Midweek propaganda much has happened. The revolution of the people is moving forward in a tremendous way. Let's get started.

Wall Street protests
The voice and will of the people has finally made itself manifest in the days of rage protests. The spirit of the movement was made manifest when super-rich imperialist Michael Moore joined with the protesters in condemning the rich. Well done fat boy.

This day in history
On this day in history in 1874, the first North Korean space flight ushered in the beginning of the unbelievably successful North Korean space program. Some of its highlights include:
  • The colonization of Jupiter
  • Driving the Yankee imperialist dogs from the lush green moon
  • The conquest the capitalist ant people of Mars


Another Paul sighting
There has been another sighting of the mysterious creature known as Ron Paul. Believers in the Ron Paul phenomenon say he is a candidate for President of the Untied Socialist States of America. They believe him to be a politician who has had consistent views and put principle above politics. They even assert that he shows up high in the polls. My friends I have heard some whoppers over the years, but this may top them all. If such a phenomenon existed the glorious socialist media would cover it nonstop. He and Bigfoot are simply the product of overactive imaginations.

Remember my friends all is well in America. There is no need to alter or abolish any government programs, all is well.



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