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Maybe I should have labeled it the Foreign Policy Google Scavenger Hunt. The point of this exercise was to get you thinking about how much you really don't know about who is making our foreign policy decisions. So for those interested, I have links to the answers with a few applications to the present situation.

1. Define the Iron Triangle.

The Iron Triangle is the confluence of the military, big business, and politics. Dwight Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex becoming so large and powerful that it would influence the politics of war. This post I did on the Carlyle Group includes a filmstrip that fleshes out how it works and names names. I highly recommend you see it and watch out for mentions of the big banks.

2. Name one Joint Chief of Staff or National Security Adviser that hasn’t been/isn’t on the board of a defense contractor corporation. There’s got to be at least one.

This question was given to a little hyperbole as it looks like about half of them seem to be on the board of these defense contractors. The National Security Adviser role seems to attract members of S.P.E.C.T.R.E, but seem to be more involved in the non-profit think tank arena .
The Joint Chiefs of Staff were established as part of that wonderful National Security Act of 1947, the one that gave us the phrase "national security". Half of the last 14 chairmen of the JC have been members of CFR, which leads us to the next question..

3. How does one join the Council on Foreign Relations?

From the horse's mouth:
New members are named twice a year by the Board of Directors, which invites individuals to join based on recommendations by the Committee on Membership. The committee is composed of five members of the Board and a number of other members chosen by the committee chair. To be considered by the committee, candidates must be nominated by a CFR member and seconded by three other individuals (maximum of four).
Yeah, they ain't going to be picking proles like you, so just give up any illusions you have...

4. What was Operation Ajax and how was it a first in US foreign policy?

This was the first time that the United States government, not to be confused with America, overthrew another nation's government. Some might say that Mossedeq was a communist, but usually these people leave out the pertinent fact that British oil interests were taking the Iranian oil at below market prices and when the Iranians balked, they were quickly shown with the point of a gun who was boss. Here's an informative video on it. I once found a great video with Kermit Roosevelt, who ran the operation, telling all about it, but can't find it now:(
Anyhow, after the Shah was put in, along with his secret police SAVAK, people started disappearing. I hear they call us the Great Satan, go figure.

5. What is the RAND corporation and how does it influence our foreign policy?

From the horse's mouth:
It was on May 14, 1948, that Project RAND — an outgrowth of World War II — separated from the Douglas Aircraft Company of Santa Monica, California, and became an independent, nonprofit organization. Adopting its name from a contraction of the term research and development, the newly formed entity was dedicated to furthering and promoting scientific, educational, and charitable purposes for the public welfare and security of the United States.
Almost at once, RAND developed a unique style, blending scrupulous nonpartisanship with rigorous, fact-based analysis to tackle society's most pressing problems. Over time, RAND assembled a unique corps of researchers, notable not only for individual skills but also for interdisciplinary cooperation. By the 1960s, RAND was bringing its trademark mode of empirical, nonpartisan, independent analysis to the study of many urgent domestic social and economic problems.
Ok, when they say nonpartisan, it really means bankster/globalist/collectivist planning outfit. Check out their website for hoots and hollers: right now, they're warning you about the dread flu, and their latest study: does watching sex affect teen's sexual behavior? I'm sure someone got a handsome foundation grant for researching that one.

How does RAND influence our foreign policy? It is linked to the Ford Foundation and the big economic interests that profit from war. It's a big cog in the power carousel that keep churning with American tax money, and more tragically, American soldier's lives. Alex Abella, like Kathryn Casey and the Carnegie Foundation and Carroll Quigley and CFR, was the only one allowed access into the RAND corporation's archives. Check out this interview here to see what he found out. He also wrote the book, Soldiers of Reason: The RAND Corporation. You really need to understand this organization if you truly want to get at the rock bottom of what is wrong with America's foreign policy.
Incidentally, Donald Rumsfeld was Chairman of RAND before he was Secretary of Defense.

What decorates the RAND Corporation's lawn - a mushroom cloud made of chains. nice.

6. What is State Dept. paper 7727 and how does it affect us today?

This paper advocates a global army and the elimination of national armies. Seriously. It was written by a group of collectivsts, bankster-backed politicos who were also CFR members. Read all about it here.

7. What percentage of the federal budget is spent on "defense" and how does it compare to other nations?

We spend 25% of our annual budget on defense.Observe:
The only countries that spend more as a percentage of GDP (US spends 4.7%) are Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Oman, Iraq, Eritrea, Chad, Georgia, and we don't know about N. Korea. The majority of these are US Allies. Europe gets to live in a socialist paradise because it doesn't have to worry about defense. Current NATO agreements mean that American tax dollars will go to work should they need any instant military response. This all goes back to the previous point about the global army. The United States military has become the global defense force described in that State Department paper.

8. How is the military accountable to "We the People?"

I would contend that when we know that our enemies are destroyed, or there is an intelligible, active plan to do so, we will know that our military is working for us. I would also contend that since WW2, no one could really articulate what success is or whom it is we're really fighting. During the Cold War, we were fighting communism, even as our own Congress was implementing more and more communist laws and our education was switched from liberal arts to communist workforce training. John Stockwell, head of the CIA's Angola Task Force made the statement that if communism ever fell, a new enemy would be invented to replace it. He is also author of the book, "In Search of Enemies"
Today we are fighting Islamofascism, an entity that doesn't seem to have a face and its' nebulous objective is to rule the world. Classic.
During the last decade, I wondered when would we ever get Bin Laden, and when would those WMDs ever show up? The story of Bin Laden's death is straight out of Looney Tunes, and the only witnesses were blown up! Our elected officials don't seem to have much to say about all this and don't feel like they need to give us any explanations.

9. What is the Chicago Project on Security and Terrorism, and what can we learn from it?

This is THE comprehensive database on suicide terrorism. It is currently funded by the Carnegie Foundation on International Peace. Whoa, a globalist think tank - what are you trying to pull? Listen up, kiddos, the globalist/collectivist likes their info tight, get me? If there's one thing that they strive to do really, really well, it's recording information so that they can then attempt to predict mass human behavior. That's why they're always searching for demographic info and trying to connect it with everything under the sun.

This particular study was also supported by the Bush Defense Department, so I don't want to hear anyone call me a dhimmi dummy, ok? The navy in particular uses this database to plan their maneuvers. That's how accurate it is.

What it tell us is that suicide terrorism is directly connected to perceived military occupation. Prior to 9/11, the #1 perpetrators of Muslim suicide terrorism were the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. I sure didn't know that. Cut through the propaganda and check out this series of videos from Dr. Richard Pape, you'll be glad you did.

10. What does national security mean to you?

To me, it means not having my children taken away from me based on hearsay. It means not being shot to death by a SWAT team in my house because someone accused me of being a drug dealer. We can talk about the dangers of Islam, but I would contend that a more immediate threat is the collapse of our dollar and possible impending martial law by these same criminals who hijacked our country in 1913. Under the auspices of the UN, they are importing Muslims into this country. Why? How else is the FBI going to catch the "imminent terror plot" without Muslims? Time and again, the FBI buys the explosives, sets up the whole situation and then talks the dumbest kid in the mosque, usually over a period of months into doing something crazy. I mean, the whole thing is so phony, it's just a disgrace. The military-industrial complex is always looking for more enemies so that they may make more weapons and keep their game going. Keep your eye on the ball. Follow the money, watch for controlled crisis, and then you'll know what's what.

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