Non-Intervention Is The Future

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Because of what I do for a living, I do not blog much about foreign policy. I cannot do anything about the past or what is happening now. Never the less, I can speak and perhaps make some kind of a small impact on what is to come. As we look into the future, it is impossible for us to predict events. However, we can see patterns and the direction things are heading and why a non-interventionist foreign policy is the only reasonable option.

Defining non-interventionist
Many think that Libertarians such as Ron Paul are isolationists. This is a Neo-con talking point that is far from the truth, but has been repeated often enough to become the truth in the minds of many. An isolationist is someone who wants to completely shut down the country from the outside world. An example of this Japan in the 1800's. What Libertarians want is something completely different. Non-intervention means we have relations with other nations, but mind our own business and avoid entangling alliances. This is the policy of George Washington and the Founders.

Key Points of a truly non-interventionist foreign policy
  • Leave the United Nations
  • Leave NATO
  • End all foreign aid
  • Never go to war without a declaration of war from congress
  • No preemptive wars
The nuclear genie is out of the bottle
In the coming years several nations will likely develop nuclear weapons. Many of these nations will be unstable and not very friendly to us. Right now, North Korea and Pakastan already have nuclear weapons and Iran and Myanmar are devolving them. Many others will follow the course of nuclear armament. The idea that we can somehow control this technology and stop it from spreading long-term is as faulty as thinking we can control firearms. The best way to deal with this threat is a policy of mutual assured destruction.

I know what some of you are thinking. How would a policy of mutual assured destruction help with Iran? First, you need to stop watching Fox News. No really, call your cable company and have it blocked, it has turned into nothing more than Saudi propaganda. Ahmadinejad, says a lot of crazy things that we should take seriously, but he is not in control of Iran. He is an appointed figure-head of the Mullahs. Iran is not going to war unless the Mullahs say they are going to war. While the hatred of Israel is real, much of his rhetoric is nothing more than trash talking meant to earn respect in the Muslim world.

Since the Islamic revolution Iran has only been at war with one nation and that was when Saddam tried to invade them. Are they good guys? No, but they do not have a history of reckless action. Do they fund terrorism? Yes, but not near as much as Pakistan or Saudi Arabia I don't see us going to war with them. If you are concerned about Islamic terrorism, you would think the Saudi's would be the first target.

The best way to deal with Iran is to let them be, but let them know that an attack on Israel with nuclear weapons, will have dire consequences. If it were up to me I would tell them that our response would be to bombard their nation with electron bombs. In a few days the isotopes will dissipate and Iran will become the new homeland of the Jews; and we will destroy Mecca. That should keep the Mullahs from approving a nuclear attack on Israel. You don't need to launch a preemptive war that will kill countless people and rack up untold amounts of debt.

This is an area that Ron Paul and Libertarians have done a poor job explaining. A non-interventionist foreign policy would benefit Israel immensely. Right now, we are giving billions in foreign aid to Israel enemies. Right now, we are propping up the U.N., which we all know is nothing but a front for communist and terrorists. Right now, we are holding Israel back from defending itself from the rocket attacks of its enemies. Let them defend themselves! If they feel a preemptive attack is needed against Iran, let them do it!

The bottom line
Regardless of how you feel about our current foreign policy, the reality is, it is not sustainable. Our debts are piling up and we are rotting from the inside. We need to make cuts everywhere and this will have to include our military strategy. There is more than one way to skin a cat, it's time to listen more to Sun Tzu.



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