Foreign Policy Pop Quiz

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How much do you really know about America's foreign policy? Up until recently, I thought that I knew what was going on. I assumed that those running our foreign policy was as patriotic and loved America as much as I did. Unsatisfied with the pat explanations of what was going on, I began to delve into where our military is and where the money is flowing. However, instead of writing up a long post, I'll just leave you with a few questions to get you're mind going.

1. Define the Iron Triangle. 2. Name one Joint Chief of Staff or National Security Adviser that hasn’t been/isn’t on the board of a defense contractor corporation. There’s got to be at least one. 3. How does one join the Council on Foreign Relations? 4. What was Operation Ajax and how was it a first in US foreign policy? 5. What is the RAND corporation and how does it influence our foreign policy?
6. What is State Dept. paper 7727 and how does it affect us today?
7. What percentage of the federal budget is spent on "defense" and how does it compare to other nations?
8. How is the military accountable to "We the People?"
9. What is the Chicago Project on Suicide Terrorism, and what can we learn from it?
10. What does national security mean to you?

Let the voyage of discovery begin!

Republican Mother


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