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Today, I spoke with an old old friend I grew up with. We have both lived in Africa, and we discussed how bad things were there. We each agreed on how lucky we were to grow where we did. We never had to worry about the things children growing up now have to deal with. I'm not a father yet, but I'm worried about the world my children will have to live in. I realize that things change, I look forward to new technology and new ideas. However, most of the changes I am seeing in our society are not for the better.

As I study the root of these problems, I keep coming back to the same source, this Globalist-Marxist ideology that seeks to control everything. As I read Socialist teachers like Marx and De Leon I am stunned at how their ideas have taken hold, and no one seems to notice. Those who do know the truth and dare to speak out are demonized and made to look crazy. We are not the crazy ones; the Emperor has no cloths!

I don't think the American Revolution really ended. I believe it rages on today, and there are many battles in many lands. We see heroes in our day, such as the man who stood before the tanks in China; and the mother who protects her children from the evils of the world. We band together in groups as did Revolutionary Militias of old.
Ultimately we have two choices. We can chose to stand for our God given rights as outlined in the U.S. Constitution. Or, we can submit ourselves to the slavery imposed by the Marxist-Globalist elite.

For some time,I've been watching from afar, the John Birch Society. Do I agree with them all of the time on everything? I don't even agree with myself all of the time on everything, such is the case of being just another imperfect man. The John Birch Society is an imperfect organization made up of imperfect people. Never the less, aside from churches and synagogues, I can think of no other organization that is more correct on the things which really matter than the John Birch Society. After this mess in with the Governors Forum, I've decided to join.



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