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On more than one occasion, I have pointed out that a popular news story was a distraction from a much more important story which the corporate media did not want you to notice. It is happening again, but this time we have figured it out before it's too late.

The media is a blaze with the drama which is the debt ceiling. Believe it or not, the debt ceiling is a non story which means little. The media and our leaders would have you believe they are fighting over spending cuts. Folks, they are not proposing any spending cuts! What about the two trillion over ten years? Well, that is not an actual cut, it a reduction in the projected increase. Both sides are planning on massive budget expansions and further debt. If either side was serious they would be calling for a balanced budget amendment. The tax increases? I think the Republicans will end up agreeing to a hidden tax increase which will not be discovered until months after deal is done. We have seen this shell game before.

What are they distracting us from?

Site contributor Paul Olsen (WYp8riot) tipped me off to this one.

On Thursday, my home state of Utah is hosting the U.S.- China Governors forum. Governors from around the nation are meeting with 130 Chinese delegates, staff, and media; to discuss expanding economic ties. The local Utah media are billing at as a great opportunity for Utah to showcase itself to the world. I'm pretty sure the world knows about us, we did just host the Olympics a few years ago.

So, more free trade with China, a few more jobs lost, no big deal. Right? Wrong. There is much more to all this. The Chinese delegates and state governors will be in a discussion about the creation of Chinese protectorate zones such as those Idaho has agreed to create.

Basically, they are planning the Chinese colonization of America. It is not just a few Chinese companies setting up shop. This will be similar to what is happening in Africa. The Chinese will set up whole self sustained communities. These communities will not be subject to U.S. law, and will be staffed and occupied by Chinese people. These are Chinese colonies!

I'm outraged this is happening in my back yard. Right now, I'm in California and can not leave. What can we do about it? Let's make it clear to Communist China that they are not welcome in America. If you are in Utah, go to the forum and make clear your displeasure. A few people standing outside with images of the Beijing Massacre would be nice. Maybe a few poster boards with the Chinese Communist Party's death toll.

If you are not in Utah, get on the blogs and social networks. The media is not doing it's job (as usual) we need to alert people. We have less than 24 hours to make as much noise as possible.

This is not a right or left issue; this is an American issue. What they are discussing is treason.



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