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The media has become wise to this the corrupt powerful central bank known as the Bank for International Settlements. We have seen Fox News and CNN do several features on the BIS. Political bloggers in every country have made post after post about this threat. Politicians from New Zealand to France have turned the BIS into an issue of fierce debate. Oh wait, non of that happened, in fact no one in the media talks about the BIS.

I'm not just talking about popular establishment outlets. When I say no one in the media is talking about it, I am not exaggerating. Even guys like Alex Jones are not touching it. They dance all around it pursuing a lot of wild less meaningful villains like the Bilderbergs. Please, what you think the Bilderbergs are doing in their secret little meeting, pails in comparison to what the BIS is doing openly. It's astonishing that they can run story after story about the Fed and the IMF, while ignoring the BIS. It is the equivalent to discussing American foreign policy on a state level with acknowledging the existence of our federal government.

Since my last post on this subject, the BIS has been increasing its influence. They are using fear of bank failures in a push to give their various central banks more power. They want governments to seize preemptively if possible the assets of failing private financial institutions and redistribute them to what they are calling a bridge bank. I think we all know who will be running these bridge banks. I guess they never let a good crisis go to waste.

How exactly can they preemptively know if your local bank is on the verge of collapse? Will they be sending auditors to various banks? Or, will they just simply use this as a tool to eliminate the competition. Remember, these are the people who control the IMF and World Bank, they have plenty of experience with unethical practices.

To recap, a super powerful central bank is trying to get your governments to preemptively seize the assets of struggling banks, that they feel could be in danger of failing. So, the same thugs that have been manipulating our currencies and locking impoverished nations in a hopeless cycle of debt, may soon own your mortgage.

One more thing; this year the BIS has redistributed 635 tons of gold to their various central banks. How much gold do they have?

Nope, no story here, the media is right to ignore all this. Have a nice.



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