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While it couldn't have happened to a nicer socialist, you hate to see any public servant involved in a scandal like that of Anthony Wiener. Have you noticed the media jump all over this? While I do understand a story like this will get ratings, I'm saddened by the lack of perceptive.

If they would have spent half as much attention to the Senate extending the Patriot Act as they did this, we might have kept the 4th Amendment afloat. Every single time a story like this gets hype, you can be sure something bigger is going on they don't want the public to focus on. What are they trying to sneak past us this time? I suspect possibly QE3, or China selling off its dollar holdings.

Don't get me wrong Wiener should get hammered for this and it does need to be covered. However, every time I buy into the big story of the moment I look back in a few weeks and realize I should have been paying attention to something else. Don't let the propaganda media control the narrative; search for yourself and find out what is really going on.



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