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I was going to do a post about something entirely different, but then I did my blog rounds and found something everyone needs to hear. Have you ever wondered who funded Lenin's revolution and the industrial rise of the soviet union? I know our leftist friends would have us believe magic makes our world go round, but the reality is that economics drives much of what we see unfold.

I was reading Fausty's Libertarian Blog and discovered an audio recording from 1976. In this recording the professor lays out the history of how communism was financed by American capital. Towards the end he speaks of what the powers that be were planning for our world, and it all came true.

I've wondered about this for some time. There is much about the rise of communism that did not add up in my mind. It is becoming abundantly clear that Wall Street elites and powerful central banks provided the economic backing that allowed the socialist inspired genocides of the 20th century.



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