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Everyone is talking about Trump. Will he run? What will he say next? Is he for real? Would he be a good President? Can a man with hair like that win? Okay, that last one was mine. I'm not so sure about Mr. Trump I have a few concerns.

10. He has the same hair-do as Blago
9. Forget Obama's birth certificate, has anyone seen Trumps navel? He could be an alien!
8. What if he does show us his navel? Is America ready for such horror?
7. Are we really considering having the host of a reality TV show be our President? Why Not Hulk Hogan or Vanilla Ice?
6. The guy is a fan of socialized Canadian health care and has stated that America should do the same. We really should have someone look at his navel.
5. He has made some questionable campaign contributions. We've all made bad choices with our money. I once owned a pair of zebra striped shorts, but that was in the early 90's, Trump donated to Harry Reid in November.
4. He is friends with and has been involved in business deals with George Soros. Conservatives went after Obama for his connection to Bill Ayers, but Trump gets a pass on Soros? I'm not sure I want a guy who is buddy buddy with the puppet master.
3. His history of outsourcing. I'm sick of politicians who say one thing and do another. Trump rails on free trade with China, but he has made millions off of it.
2. What if he runs as an independent? The only way I see Obama winning, is if someone like Trump splits the vote. The Republicans are not going to let him get the nomination.
1. He is focusing on things like the birth certificate? Our economy is in the toilet we are in the middle of three wars, and he is concerned about Obama's paperwork? Before you get started, about how important it is, let me explain: Most people do not care, I know some of you do, but most people do not. Most people care about matters that directly affect their lives, such as inflation. Trying to unseat an incumbent President with an issue that most people view as fringe and inconsequential, makes the McCain campaign look brilliant.

But don't take my word for it, listen to Bob:



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