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John Boehner has done it! He passed the most spectacular budget in human history. Never-mind that the total budget for fiscal year 2011 (including the last six months) had about a 1.9 trillion deficit while Obama's original budget had a 1.65 trillion dollar deficit; the man is brilliant. Some, think he should be fired for being complicit with big government. I see it like this:

Obama is the Road Runner and Boehner is Willie Coyote
Think about it; Boehner spends months setting elaborate budget cutting traps to stop the Obama, only to have them blow up in his face. Have you ever seen Obama say anything but meep meep without the help of the teleprompter? What's next? Will Boehner paint a fake tunnel in the side of a mountain, only to watch Obama run through it?

We could compare Boehner to a host of other characters:
  • Elmer Fudd
  • Sylvester the cat
  • Yosemite Sam
While these comparisons have merit, I feel that Willie Coyote is the most accurate. At this very moment Boehner is drawing up blue prints for trillions in cuts. We all know it's not going to work, but will still be amazed at how badly it fails. Meanwhile birdbrain will keep speeding by with his radical agenda.



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  1. I was reading earlier that he's cutting 6 trillion or something. Naturally democrats are going nuts I hopeit really is that much and kudos to him if it does happen.