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For centuries the Mongolian people have lived quiet mostly nomadic lives. They have close families and a strong sense of community. Their culture and values survived over six decades of brutal Soviet control. Now everything that defines their society is threatened with extinction by the onslaught of globalization.

By understanding the tactics globalists use in other places, we will grow more effective at combating this enemy. Let’s take a look at how Mongolian society is being carefully transformed to meet the globalist agenda.

The core unit in Mongolian society is a strong traditional family. Most of the men work and tend herds, the women focus more on raising the children. The recent downturn in the world economy has hit the herdsmen hard. Not to worry, international organizations have appeared on the scene to offer high interest loans that they can never pay back. Some banks have gone so far as confiscating tents. Yes, they have actually taken away the peoples tents

It is more than a few greedy international banks. So called charities such as New Zealand's VisionFund, offer loans to nomadic people with an interest of 2.5%-3.5% a month! Vision Fund is also working to financially destroy the traditional role of men by giving a large majority of the loans to women However, it’s much worse than just an economic attack. UNESCO’s "Gobi's Women's Project" focuses on reeducating women to enter the Mongolian workforce. The women are also given radios so that they can listen to feminist and lesbian programs designed specifically for them. Mongolian youth are being targeted with a Mongolian version of MTV. At first the programs were innocent, but as time went on the videos grew to be as crude as anything found in the American version.

Why so much effort to change Mongolia?
As is almost always the case, the truth can be found when you follow the money. Mongolia is a large undeveloped area rich in natural resources. Combine its resources and it’s close proximity to the rising economic giant that is China; and you have the perfect area of exploitation for international corporations and central banks

In the 1960 ‘s British envoy Reginald Hibbert was given the task of observing how Communism was effecting the people of Mongolia. He wrote his observations in the book "Letters From Mongolia"

“The locals are accustomed to rhythms of life and work that have nothing in common with those of urban communities, and their way of life is primitive. They retain many of the virtues of simple people, especially loyalty and mutual help among family and friends. They will work extraordinarily hard on the impulse of helping a friend or acquaintance but seem to be completely without conscience when it is working for a living or for the general good.”

When did hard work and loyalty to family and friends become primitive values? The last thing globalists want is people who are self sufficient and shun the collectivist mentality. So they have set out to rapidly destroy traditional Mongolian culture. What the Soviets could not accomplish in with over six decades of brute force, the globalist are accomplishing in a few short years. It seems that the tactics of the Frankfort School are being used to create a collectivist society everywhere.

The average Mongolian lives a simple life centered around family and close friends. They do not have to medicate a large portion of the population with anti depressants. Divorce and single parent families are a rare exception in their society. Lucky for them, the globalists have arrived to save them from themselves.



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