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As we move closer to the upcoming financial nightmare about to engulf our nation, the best hope to weather the storm will be sound state governments. The states that cut costs and dependence on Washington will come out of this in much better condition. While my state is far from being in the mess of other states, there are a few areas we should cut, the first should be the Utah Transit Authority.

UTA provides low cost bus and light rail services for residents in urban areas. Why do I want to see this cut? Two reasons:

  • It is theft. People who do not live in the limited areas that benefit from UTA's services are forced to contribute to the program through state taxes. Why should I (in Monroe Utah) have to pay for a bus in Sandy Utah?
  • Utah not only needs to cut end deficit spending, we need to cut our dependency on Washington. You can not do both without making drastic cuts. UTA is an unnecessary program.

The problem with getting rid of it?
UTA does provide a good service for many people, especially TRAX. It also helps reduce traffic. To remove UTA completely would be hard on low income earners and increase traffic.

My Solution
Limit UTA to providing TRAX and cross county services bus services. Local bus and TRAX services, can and should, be controlled on a county level. Doing this would cut state expenditures and end the unjust practice of having rural residents pay for urban public transportation.



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