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Last week I ripped on the democrats. This week it's the Republicans turn. In the past I've ranted about how the Republicans have betrayed their principles, blah blah blah; we've heard it all before. That was then, this is now. How is the GOP doing now? So far, it's better than the Bush years, but I'm far from being impressed.

The Republican House, was elected with a clear mandate to get Washington spending under control. They have some great ideas. I like many of the discretionary spending cuts they are proposing, but those cuts will mean nothing if we do not get entitlement programs under control. Focusing on cutting NPR before reforming Social Security and Medicare, is like a doctor giving a gunshot victim lotion for their sunburn, while the gunshot wound is hemorrhaging. You can't put this off; it needs to be dealt with now.

Instead of crafting serious legislation to deal with this before it destroys our society, they are having congressional hearings on radical Islam? I realize radical Islam is a threat, but how is a congressional hearing going to make a hill of difference? What's next a blue ribbon fact finding commission about border security? You are legislators! LEGISLATE!

Oh wait... They did pass a serious piece of legislation, extending the patriot act. I'm sorry, how is that constitutional government? How does this limit the already too powerful executive branch? It's almost as if, they are up to business as usual.

Possible 2012 candidates
There are about four decent possible GOP candidates for 2012, the rest are a joke. Newt? Really? If the GOP nominates him, I quit. On the issues that matter, he is no different than BO. He may give a nice speech, but none of it is real. I'll take 40 years of Romney over one week of Newt.

If the Republicans really want to take back the White House in 2012, they need someone like Herman Cain or Ron Paul. Ether one of those men would gain the needed independent voters and crush BO in a national election. Unfortunately, we all know the GOP will never do it, because the same people that bought the Democratic Party have also purchased the Republican Party. George Washington, tried to warn us, but we would not listen.



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