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This will be the last (and most important) of the week's three post series on world hunger. The original question was: Why are we having food shortages and why is it hitting poor countries harder. In the first two posts we discussed ways in which governments and institutions were creating food shortages for the entire world. Today we are going to target the head of the snake and explain how it has turned poor nations into slave states.

In my post a few weeks ago about the BIS, I made mention of the Word Bank and what it does to poor nations. However, I failed to give the subject the emphasis it deserves.

Centuries from now historians will likely look back on the post WWII era and the role of the World Bank, the same way we look at the East India Tea Company in the 1800's. If you do not know anything about the East India Tea Company, I suggest doing a search on the Opium Wars. While the East India Tea Company deliberately enslaved millions to opium addiction; the World Bank has systematically turned most poor nations into slaves completely dependent on the bank's loans, for survival.

I am far from being a perfect person, but I would not want to one of the people that run the World Bank when judgement day comes. They have brought about more misery and suffering than perhaps any institution in human history. Their deeds are so dark, that the devil himself must turn his head in disgust.

What do they do that is so bad? Let me break it down:

You are a poor under developed country, you have a war of a disaster like the tsunami that devastated several nations around the Indian Ocean. You need help and you need it now. The World Bank offers to help provide the money for emergency food and supplies. Sounds nice right? Here is the catch, they charge interest and only provide funds for emergency food. They do not provide loans to rebuild infrastructure.

Now you have a debt to the world bank that is growing. You have no money to rebuild your infrastructure, so you have no way to feed your people and become dependent on imported food. To pay for this food you have no choice but take further loans. Thus you become a slave to the bank forced to give up your natural resources, locked in a perpetual state of poverty with no hope of escape. The primary source of poverty is not a lack of resources or technology, it is debt. And yes, they are doing this on purpose.



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