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When WWI broke out the followers of Marx predicted that the workers of the world would unite and throw off the chains of their capitalist oppressors. Instead, the workers of the world were more loyal to their countries, families, and religious communities. This caused many Marxists in western nations to rethink their strategy. Men like Georg Lukacs (not the Star Wars guy) helped create what was known as the Frankfort School.

You cannot understand Marxist in the West without understanding the Frankfort School and their Long March Strategy. In the Frankfort School, they realized that Western culture was far too resistant to Marxist ideology, in order for Marxism to spread in the West, the culture would have to be overcome. To do this they set out a carefully crafted plan to change the culture by changing the institutions within Western nations, by spreading various forms of depravity including homosexuality.

They were particularly successful in spreading their ideas in the Baby Boom generation. Much of the cultural revolution of the 1960's was in reality a generation of young people being manipulated by Cultural Marxists. Have you ever looked at a group of college students from 1963 and compared it with a group from 1969? In five-hundred years, historians will be amazed that they were in the same century, let alone the same decade. As the Baby Boom generation took control of the system, America began to a steep decline into depravity. The institution of the family was attack as never before. People of faith were ridiculed and painted as backward thinking barbarians.

As I have mentioned the spread of the homosexual movement was a significant part of this push of immorality. Not only did it counter traditional religion, but changed the nature of the family. To spread this agenda they, used a variety of techniques:

Mass Media
I do not think I need to connect many dots in this area. Anyone that has watched a TV show from the 1960’s knows that it teaches a very different set of values than the TV programs of today. The same is true of all forms of popular mass media. I have a friend that hates religion and gets his values from things he learns in movies. How many people are there like him, how many do not receive values at home or from religious teachings, but rather from the mass media? What better tools to change public perception, than through the box that occupies their time for hours each day?

From the 1970’s on TV, movies, and music have increasingly promoted the homosexual agenda. They had to do it slow, at first. There were characters that that were humorous and made us laugh. The charters in sitcoms that felt uncomfortable with open homosexuality, were painted to foolish people who needed the guidance of much wiser family and friends to help them see the error of their ways. Soon the gay lifestyle was presented as a perfectly normal alternative. Then things such as gay marriage and gay adoption became noble. Movies in set out to ridicule Christians that sought help homosexuals turn from there lifestyle. The public, like sheep, went along with this calculated brainwashing.

Can you imagine what people who lived a century ago would think of what we accept as normal? Why do they see the world so different? They had not endured hours of Cultural Marxist propaganda every week. Were they all saints and devout churchgoers? No, but the vast majority of them would detest what our society now celebrates.

Civil Rights
One way in which the Cultural Marxists have been most successful in spreading the homosexual agenda is through the lie that it is somehow a civil rights issue. They paint all who oppose it as no different from the racists that opposed the civil rights movement. When I hear this logic, I feel as if I am watching an episode of the Twilight Zone. Homosexuality is not a race; they do not come from a long line of homosexuals with a rich homosexual tradition. Homosexuality is a lifestyle, not a race, religion, or nationality.

What would Dr. King think about the gay agenda becoming part of the civil rights issue? He was a man of faith with strong religious views, including traditional views on the subject of morality. Would he support it if he were alive today? We could speculate either way on that and get nowhere. However, members of his family have been clear on the subject. His niece, Alveda King has been very outspoken in opposition of those who seek to use her uncle’s legacy as part of their agenda. His daughter Bernice stated:

"I know deep down in my sanctified soul that he did not take a bullet for same-sex unions."

Would you paint Dr King’s family as hate mongers? His niece and daughter seem to think that the homosexual agenda was not part of his fight. King himself never addressed the subject publicly; it was not much of an issue while he was alive.

Human Nature
One of the cleverest arguments of the Cultural Marxists is that homosexuality cannot be helped; some people are just born that way. I have no doubt that each of us are born have certain weaknesses. Some can handle alcohol responsibly others become raging alcoholics. My family is full of strong type-A personalities with tempers. I was in many fistfights as a child, but as an adult, I control my temper. I have no doubt certain people are more prone to homosexual attraction. That does not mean they need to act on it. We are not animals we can control our urges, if it were not so we would not be justified in punishing those who commit acts of violence. After all, it is not their fault they were born with a temper.

They have also created the myth that men who are more feminine and women that are more masculine than others are gay. I know several men and women who fit under this category, but are not gay. In fact, most of them are married and very apposed to the homosexual agenda.

The Cultural Marxists would have us believe that we are nothing more than a series of random chemical reactions and are no different from animals. We cannot help who we are it is all just random evolution. I see things much different. I see every person as being able to rise above the circumstances of genetics and environment. If I were to listen to the Cultural Marxists theories, I would not be much of a man at all. However, I discovered long ago that I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul.



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