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Once again, I do not hate gays. I think homosexuality is evil, but I can separate the person from the act. I find it absolutely pathetic that all who oppose the gay agenda are painted as hate mongers. We are no more hate mongers than the vast majority of people who oppose BO’s socialist policies. Can you appose the gay agenda and not hate gays? Yes, absolutely! In the same way, you can oppose alcoholism and not hate alcoholics. I think it is wrong to persecute gay people. No one in their right mind agrees with the Westboro Baptist Church and their carrying signs that say God hates fags. However, that does not mean I need to embrace and celebrate immorality.

The gay agenda is a tool of the larger Cultural Marxist movement known as “The Long March” which has its origins in the “The Prison Notebooks“ written by Marxist Antonio Gramsci. The dream of the Cultural Marxists is to destroy the carefully cultivated values of Judeo-Christian civilization. They like Marx view religion as an obstacle that must be overcome to create their socialist utopia. They have intentionally used the gay movement as a means of institutionalizing immorality. This will help them alter and change the nature of the family. As the movement continues, it will be used to justify persecution against religions that cling to traditional morality.

If this movement continues without opposition, our society will suffer grave consequences. It is for this reason that I have decided to spend this the first full week of 2011 countering the homosexual agenda. Every post will be dedicated to dealing with this evil and pernicious tool of Cultural Marxism.

I realize that many well intentioned people will oppose me on this issue, including some conservatives. It matters not if a principal is popular, if it is true. If the whole world believes the sky is red, it would not make it true. Many see the gay agenda as a good and acceptable thing, hopefully by the end of this week you will question that assumption.



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