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The Family
From the dawn of civilization until modern times the family has been the fundamental unit of human culture. This has been true in all societies of all levels of sophistication. However, recently the role and structure of the family has been under attack in a variety of ways across the globe. One of the most in your face, yet least noticed ways in which the family in not only being redefined, but outright attacked, is through the application of socialism. The following are ways in socialism is changing and attacking the fundamental unit of society.

The role of mothers

In the time preceding the Second World War, the role of mothers and women in general has drastically changed in Western societies. The increased taxation needed to pay for new programs like social security placed a greater burden on the average family. It has become increasingly rare for a father to be the homes soul income earner. Due to intentional inflation, and increased taxation associated with socialist programs many families cannot pay the bills with one income earner. As a result, most mothers are no longer stay at home mothers. As a result more children are learning values from mass media and states institutions, rather than the home.

Prior to the twentieth century, most societies in the world were quite similar in regards to the role of the women in the home. Though there was some variation, it was understood that the job of a mother was to nurture and raise children. The role of mothers has been essential to the stability of the family. Study after study has shown that a strong maternal influence has a significant impact on the overall development of a child. Many, including myself, believe that that greatest thing a woman can accomplish is being a mother. That should not be taken as a slight toward women, but rather an understanding of the importance of motherhood.

The role of fathers

In the past fifty years single parent families have become a societal norm. Most of these families are single women; due to fathers that have fled their responsibilities. Yours truly came from such a family. I could dazzle you with all kinds of statistics that show that children of single mother are less likely to become productive members of society. However, I can do one better, I can tell you what it is like. It creates a doubt filled prospective that takes years to overcome. If it were not for the help of extended family and a great community, I would not be who I am today.

Socialist programs like the great society have greatly contributed to the increase of fatherless homes. Fifty years ago most men took responsibility for their actions and married the women if she became pregnant. The woman and the child would be destitute without the income earned by the father. Socialist programs changed that, now instead of being destitute a woman would be taken care of by the state. As a result, more men have not fulfilled their responsibilities. The Welfare State has turned millions of American children into dependents of the state.

Many efforts have been made to reassert the importance of the father in the home, while most of these programs are noble; they will only have a limited amount of success in a society that has accepted the socialist welfare state. Socialism is causing the extinction of the traditional father.

The role of children

Recently many have begun to notice the declining birthrate in Western nations. The decline in birthrates a due to a variety of factors, but one of the largest contributors to this trend is the socialist programs of the past century. Prior to these programs children were seen as an asset that was essential to a person's temporal well being. You may think that economics has little to do with birthrates, but you would be wrong. There is a saying that I have found to be true with almost all societal trends: "follow the money."

A century ago, when a person was ready to retire, they were expected to live off their own savings and rely on their children for what they lacked. Now they rely on social security as a fall back for what they lack in savings. For many, children are financial liability; your money goes toward taking care of their needs, with no expectation that they will one day return the favor. With the rate of intentional inflation used to nullify the debt caused by socialist programs; it's difficult for a single person to save for retirement, let alone someone with five children. As a result more people are marrying later in life and having smaller families.

In Korea, there is no form of state sponsored retirement. I observed that parents and children have a greater understanding of the importance of taking care of each other. This has led to having stronger families and a society which suffers far less of the ills that plague the Socialist Western World.


A discussion on how socialism impacts the family would be incomplete with addressing abortion. In hard-line socialist nations (such as China) abortion is not only sanctioned, but rewarded by the government. In the Western World the spread of the abortion epidemic has been more subtle. Time after time we see those that lobby for abortion are socialists. Name an abortion advocate, pick any one. I'll bet they will fit somewhere under the socialist umbrella.

In a socialist society the individual takes a backseat to the collective. This collectivist thinking leads them to justify a high abortion rate among poor people, because having to many of them would collapse a socialist system. It's no accident that most abortion clinics are located near poor inner cities. It is a calculated genocide far greater in number than the Holocaust.


Many of the ills that plague our societies are rooted the decline of the family, and much of that decline is due to the implementation of socialist policies. The decline from within is obvious to even the most uninformed man or woman. More laws and programs (such as the war on drugs) will not make much difference. To cure our ills we need to fix our homes, and this will only be accomplished when we end socialist programs that are structured to destroy the family.

The decline in birth rates is now making us susceptible to outside forces that erode our culture. In Europe, Islamization is in full force. If the trend continues the majority of Europeans will be Muslim within a century. While many have sought to slow this advance by lashing out against Islam, the real solution is to confront the forces of Marxism within. It's hard to defeat the enemy when your own people are attacking you.



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