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Living in East Africa has given me a new prospective on the nature of poverty. Being here has given me a lot appreciation for Korea, and America. You can see the poverty in the malnourished sunken faces of the people. Most of these people are here because the places they fled were much worse. I can see how the culture of death (terrorism) could become so popular here. It is hard to hold life sacred when it is filled with misery.

I spent some time at the local orphanage. Seeing what these children have is saddening. I am not a very emotional person, but looking at those children was tough. We have all seen the images on TV, but it is much different when you have locked eyes with them.

Most of the others in our group had children of their own and connected with the children easily, I did not. I think my uniform scared some of them. I really have no idea how to relate to small children. Single guys over the age of thirty tend not to spend much time with little kids, it does not look right.

As I watch violent protests in the E.U. and now England, I am disgusted. What a bunch of spoiled rotten worthless trash. They have no idea what poverty and hardship really is, and likely never will. I have no problem with protesting and expressing outrage, but violence is only justified in defense of your family, liberty, and faith. They are protesting having education costs increase, and a reduction in their pensions. I am sorry this has happened to you, but it is nothing compared to the hardships I see here. Suck it up, and quit acting like idiots.



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