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Recently I noticed a friend post an article on his Facebook about the recent bailout of the E.U. by the FED. He asks the question: “How can the US possibly bail out Europe?” The answer is simple our leaders believe in Keynesianism, also known as magic.

To you and me, it is absurd to think a country that is over 13 trillion in debt can or should bail out Europe. However, a Keynesian does not believe in being limited by mathematics. They believe that if they wish upon a star anything their heart desires will come true. That is nice if you a seven years old and want to win the Super Bowl when you grow up, but these are adults running the entire western world into the ground.

Many socialists are claiming that what is happening in Europe shows that capitalism has failed. What their child brains fail to comprehend, is that capitalism comes in many forms, some better than others. For much of the past century the western world has been running on Keynesian economics.

What we need is Austrian economics. Unlike Keynesian economics, the Austrian school of thought gives the individual chances to rise to their full potential. The Austrian school uses common sense and discipline, while Keynesianism believes that government intervention is an all-powerful force that can change things in a way that no one can comprehend.

The problem is, magic is not real. Men cannot really make a rabbit appear out of thin air. They can only use tricks to fool you into thinking they can make a rabbit appear. Thus it is with Keynesian economics, they have for many years tricked many into believing that they could defy mathematics. However, the show has come to its end and reality is setting in on our world.



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