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Some states have begun to offer alternative license plates with a design based on the Gadsden flag. I’m a big fan of the flag, its message, and the connection to our founders. I plan to buy a truck when I get home from Africa and would love to put a Utah Gadsden plate on my truck.

The flag and its DON’T TREAD ON ME message has become the symbol of the Tea Party and conservatives in general. The old colonies felt that England was out of touch with their needs. They felt that their government had become oppressive and burdensome. In other words, they felt much of what we are feeling today. Today we have a federal government that has completely lost touch with the American people.

My state in particular has felt the weight of the growing federal burden. The federal government owns almost 70 percent of our land. We have seen there disastrous mismanaged our forests. We have witnessed our liberties dwindle under ever more intrusive laws. We have seen our future buried under dept greater than our highest mountain peaks. It’s time to send a message to Washington. It is time for our state and the patriots within to say: DON’T TREAD ON ME!



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