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A couple months ago I flew home for leave in-between assignments. My experience with TSA in the San Francisco airport was a new kind of frustrating. I saw them intentionally stop and delay LDS missionaries and military personnel. In fact, myself and a few others missed our flight to Salt Lake and had to wait several hour for another flight that we paid for out of pocket.

The TSA (a part of DHS) is not fond of the DoD. As most of you know, they have been profiling returning overseas military personnel as potential terrorists. Everything that DHS touches seems to be a joke. Remember how they handled the oil spill. I think the Navy and Army Corps of Engineers could have had that fixed it, before it became a nightmare.

Ron Paul (one of my favorites) put it well:

He is right, we need to speak out more about this nonsense. Traveling in Nazi Germany was far less degrading and intrusive. The body scans, the groping, it's more than over the top. Yes we should have security at our airports, but we not need to submit to being treated like cattle.
Remember when BO spoke of the idea of a civilian national security force? Many have compared it to the other past totalitarian movements, but we already have such a force. Since 9/11 DHS has become the very non DoD national security force that many fear happening. Wake up!! It’s here already.



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