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Yesterday was a huge day. Not only did I finish my training, conservatives had a great election. Some will point to the Senate remaining in the Democrats hands as a loss for conservatives, but it was simply a result of few seats being up for grabs. If the conservative trend continues, 2012 will produce a large Republican majorities in both houses.

Overall, I was pleased with the results, but I was saddened to see Harry Reid keep his seat. As a Latter-day Saint, old dirty Harry embarrasses me.

While it is good to see the Democrats lose power in the house, we need to be realistic. This was only a small victory in the grand scheme of things. We will not have the possibility of a sane government until after 2012. Without the Senate, we are not going to be able to repeal health care. We need to realize that the radical agenda will continue. There are still a few RINOs in both houses, and the executive branch loves to go around Congress.

While things did improve yesterday, we still have huge problems with Marxism and corruption in Washington. We have been going down the wrong path for a hundred years, it may take decades to fix things. I'm also not sold that the Republican Party is conservative party we need. They are talking a good game now, but I will not believe it until I see it.



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