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Today I was looking at our unemployment numbers, not the government ones, the real ones. Most of those jobs will not be back any time soon. They have been outsourced to other countries with cheaper labor forces. It made me think back to the first election I followed, 1992 and Ross Perot.

Perot was far from being George Washington, but as we look back eighteen years later it becomes clear, he was right about many important things. He was right about our disastrous deficit spending. He was right about what globalization and so called free trade would do to the American worker. He was right about ear marks and special interests controlling Washington.

Would things have been better? Would he have been able to do any of the things he wanted? I'm not sure, but I can not imagine things being much worse. Clinton, Bush, and the media machine said he was crazy for even suggesting such things. America was still on a Keynesian bender. He saw the coming hangover and was trying to get us to slow down. His ideas don't look so crazy now.

My question is:
If you knew then, what you know now, would you have voted for him? Or, would you still be afraid of wasting your vote?



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