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RINO is one of the most negative things you can call a Republican. In the popular culture it conjures up thoughts of being a liberal, or selling out you conservative principles. While that may be the popular definition, I have a more accurate one.

What does the Republican party really stand for these days? Does Michael Steel or John McCain represent you? While there are many fine Republicans, the leadership of the party leaves much to be desired. In reality the people that are Republican in name only, are those that actually espouse conservative principles. Here are some people that do not march to the beat of party leadership:
  • Chris Cristy
  • Ron Paul
  • Michelle Bachmann
  • Paul Ryan
  • Jan Brewer
They may have an R next to their name, but their message and actions are quite different from the GOP. They are real conservatives, that are Republican in name only. If only there were many more of them.



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