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When I heard the ruling by the judge, my head hung low and I felt an almost depressing frustration. The frustration soon turned to indignation. I always imagined that the America of my old age would be greater than the America of my youth. Now, I am wondering if there will be an America when I am old, or if a person with my views will be aloud to grow old.

Never in all of history has so much been a stake. There are no places to flee, if America falls, the world will fall as well. The radical Marxist element in our society is a hundred times the threat of any foreign nation. They have laid the foundation for the fall of our republic. Surrender will bring about a fate worse than death, the loss of our God given rights.

This has been a tough setback, but the war is far from lost. We knew we would lose a few battles. We knew that the opposition is deceitful and cunning. Let us not forget this is a real fight, and it will not come easy, nothing worth while ever does. We can not allow a temporary setback to stop the 2nd American Revolution. Washington lost many battles, but he refused to quit.

Let's take this righteous anger and harness it into a driving force. We can turn their victory of the moment, into their lasting defeat. I am going to make a pledge to you my reader. I will increase my efforts:
  • Each week I am going to write my state or federal representatives
  • I'm going to post more material
  • I'm going to find new ways to get our message to those who are still sleeping

These rights that we speak of did not come from wise intellectuals. They are a sacred gift from the creator of the universe to us, his children. It is our sacred responsibility to protect those rights for future generations. We can fail at our jobs. We can fail in our educational endeavors. We can fail in many areas. We can not fail in this endeavor. As did our founders, we must pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.



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