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A few months ago I noticed someone commenting on conservative blogs using a painting of Lenin as their image. I read the comments and found them to be quite good, so I went to the Hyphenated-American blog to learn more. There I found something that surprised me. He was writing from a perspective that the Marxists among us fear; a perspective of first hand experience. Here is my interview with him.

TM: Tell us a little about your background and where you are from.
H-A: I was born, raised and educated in Russia/USSR. After graduation from Moscow Aviation Institute, I applied to a graduate school in US - and this was my ticket to US.

TM: Why did you immigrate to the United States?
H-A: Mostly out of curiosity. I wanted to come to US my whole life - the country of freedom and prosperity, and after Russia had become a free country, I still wanted to come and check out the most mysterious country in the world - and this time the KGB could not stop me - simply because KGB was dissolved.

TM: How do you feel about those who are coming here illegally?
H-A: I don't hold any grudges against them. Their countries are poor; their families are in distress, so they came to America to earn their living. Moreover, as an immigrant myself, I cannot fathom denying them the same rights as I have. Having said that, I believe that illegal immigrants must stand in line as everyone else - which necessarily requires them to go back to their countries of origin and applying for entry visas to US. American immigration policy is horrible, it should be much easier to come to the US for all normal decent people - but this in no way means that those that broke the laws should be allowed to jump in front of the line. As a legal immigrant to the US, I find it appalling that some politicians want to give amnesty to these lawbreakers.

TM: Why should Americans be concerned about socialism?
H-A: In the final analysis, socialism is modern day slavery. Freedom of speech, freedom of the press, democracy, freedom of religion, freedom of association cannot exist in the absence of free market economy. If a man cannot keep the fruits of his labor, if the government has full control over his economic activity - that man is nothing but a slave. Every increase of government's economic power comes at the expense of individual liberty. Every time government claims its right to regulate this or that commerce - the less freedom of choice is left to the individual. All in all, the battle against socialism is our final frontier. This is the time when the real is made - are we born slaves or freemen? Will we sell our God-given liberty for a government promise of a guaranteed cup of rice?

TM: How do we stop the current Marxist trend of our nation?
H-A: To start with - we need to stop living a lie. Every time you talk to your neighbor, your co-worker, your relative - tell them how you feel about the current administration. We must make socialism unacceptable in civilized society - just like racism, Nazism and fascism are. Keep pushing the country in the right direction - with civil disobedience if needed, get in "their" faces - and the world will change. Don't hold your piece - make the other side uncomfortable. Make them sweat, explain to them that they are not merely wrong in details - that their entire philosophy is based on a fallacy that could ruin this country and to continue walking down the path of socialism is an unforgivable sin. Tell them that you don't accept their ideology in principle. Give them no ground, don't give up an inch, do not recognize their good intentions. There is no compromise between good and evil. The left-wing ideology is an ideology of slavery - why can't we say so directly into their faces? I was not born to serve them, my labor belongs to me - and if they sincerely want to do good - they should first put the gun down and stop using the government goons to steal our money.

TM: Why did you decide to express your voice through blogging?
H-A: I've been writing political pieces for many years - I was doing this mostly on the websites for comments and discussions. At some point I decided it was much better to get my own blog and start writing something that would exist on my site, in my full control. I am still learning to use the blog, but I know that my writing skills are getting better, and I’m getting more and more confident. Eventually, I will most likely try to write a book, and the blog entries will serve as a skeleton for it.

The work he is doing in educating people about what Marxism is, and is not, is very important. However, he is far from being a one trick pony. It was there that I gained a lot of insight about what is going on in Turkey and how it related to the flotilla incident. Much of what he writes is as relevant after a few months as it was the day he wrote the article.



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