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France has recently made world headlines by passing a law forbidding the wearing of the burqa in public. My knee jerk reaction is one of support for the law, but then I started thinking about the possible long term ramification of such laws. While I am concerned about the Islamization of Western nations, I do not think that laws such as this are the correct way to address the problem.

I realize many of my readers will not agree with some of my views on this subject, and that's okay. The truth is not a popularity contest, and I believe my views on this are correct. I am not fan of the Burqa and would wish it did not exist. If you’re not a little bit creeped out when you see a woman in one, you are likely a Wahhabist, or so brainwashed with multiculturalism that your view of reality should be diagnosed as a mental disorder. Never the less, a state imposed ban worries me.

Personal Freedom
I am an independent conservative who is much closer to being Libertarian than Republican. I do not like the idea of any government limiting personal expression. If I want to walk around wearing burlap shorts and a corduroy jacket with a lime green top hat, I should be allowed; it's not hurting anyone else.

Religious Freedom
This ban could set a precedent for secularists to ban other forms of religious freedom. Such reasoning could be used to ban Catholic Nuns from wearing a Habit in public or Jews from wearing a Yamaka. Don't think for a moment, that many Marxists will not jump at the opportunity to do this.

The Demographics
If the current trends continue France and many European nations will become Islamic republics in my lifetime. The Burka ban will eventually be struck down by an Islamic majority.

The Answer
Like many of the challenges facing our world, the answer to Islamization will not be found in new laws or increased government regulations. If we really want to stop Islamization we need to spread Christianity and Judaism. Ultimately, this is a spiritual battle. The word of God has power to penetrate the heart unmatched by anything else. We need to strengthen faith within our own communities.

While some of the statistics in this video are in dispute, the general trend is not.



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