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It has been another crazy week in the Bizarro World formally known as Earth. We have Islam running wild, revolting Chinese internet addicts, and Blago. So, click READ MORE and be ready to have your mind blown.

Republican women dominate Super Tuesday
The party of old white guys had a lot of women winning in primaries around the nation on Tuesday. This may be the trend that brings an end to left's hold on power. No longer can they focus all their venom on Sarah Palin. If, they succeed in taking her down, many are ready to step up and take her place.

The NBA Finals
Sports greatest rivalry was renewed this last week, as the NBA's two most storied franchises square off one more time for the title. It brings back childhood memories of Magic vs. Bird. This latest version pits the hard working team oriented Celtics against Kobe, the Lakers ,and their bigot coach Phil Jackson. I may be a little biased about this. BEAT LA!

Internet addicts escape from a Chinese boot camp
I had to include this because it’s so funny. I'm just trying to imagine these kids revolting over a lack of WoW. I hate being away from the web, but I'm not going to stage a boot camp revolt. This seems more like an episode of the Simpsons than a news story, but it happened. Read the story, it is hilarious!

Blagojevich goes to trial
How did this guy ever get elected? If you go to a used car lot and see a guy like him, you would leave right away. To call him a phony would not be fair to all the little rich kids who pretend to be gangsters. The only thing interesting about all this is the possibility of him bringing down other big players in the Chicago political scene.

British fear BP backlash
Anyone who is angry at England over BP is a fool. The U.K. is as responsible for the actions of BP as we would be responsible for a drunken American Airlines pilot. BP is an international company that has many American employees and shareholders. Then again, when has logic ever stopped an emotional liberal response?

Turkey is becoming an Islamic Republic
The main stream news has really missed the boat, on what was behind the whole Flotilla story. Have you asked yourself why Turkey was involved? A few years ago Turkey elected a radical Muslim to be their Prime Minister. Since that time they have become more and more distant from their traditional western allies. At the same time they have been forging close ties with Iran.

Right now the Prime Minister is trying to push constitutional reforms that would further Islamize the government. These reforms are being met with some opposition. I find it a little too convenient, that while this is happening the Flotilla runs the Israeli blockade. What better way to gain support for a radical freedom destroying cause than making the Jews in villains? It worked for Hitler.

Next week I will release my first, and likely last podcast. I figured I would give it a try and see. One more thing; has anyone noticed that You Tube has messed up their embedding feature? I do not like it at all.



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