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This last week the May job report came out, and it was just as I said. We saw a slight decrease in unemployment but the majority of the increase was temporary census workers. Only 5% of the total growth was in the private sector. It does not take a genius to figure out that the bailouts and green jobs are not working. No matter how hard you try, a square peg will not fit in a round hole. Creating jobs requires common sense.

Enforce immigration laws
How many jobs are being taken illegally? It does not take a brain surgeon to figure out that the 20 million plus people here illegally, are contributing to the unemployment of legal immigrants and American citizens. We do not need to create new agencies with new powers. Simply enforcing existing immigration laws is enough.

Less regulation and taxation of small businesses
The backbone of the American economy is small business. The federal government, under direction of lobbyists from large corporations has made if extremely difficult for small businesses to thrive. In various types of business the amount of money needed to comply with federal regulations makes it difficult to expand the number of employees they hire. Cut unneeded regulations, and extend tax breaks to small businesses, and you will see unemployment drop.

An end to insane free trade deals
NAFTA, CAFTA, and free trade with nations like China are killing us. Large corporations have outsourced much of what used to be American jobs. People in these counties are willing to work for a lot less, and require no pensions. If we continue with these foolish free trade agreements, jobs will continue to vanish until Americans are willing to work for less.

Cut unemployment benefits
I know the economy is bad and work is hard to find, but we are never going to get some people to look for a job unless we cut off the free check. I personally will not take a government handout. I will not do it! I will ask for help from family, friends, and charities. I will not become a slave on the government plantation. I would rather be homeless. If I had a family, I might take a check, but only as my last option.

There are a few other things we could do to get the economy back on track. We need to create real jobs and real industry. We do not need the government to stimulate Wall Street, we need to government to quit thrashing main street.



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