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It has been a few days since the .org site and American Foundations disappeared, along with with my gmail. I have managed to find some of my readers, and let them know I'm at this URL. I hope to be able to let most of them know in the next week.

This has been a very frustrating experience! I have yet to received an explanation from Google as to why my account was disabled. I have (in my mind) narrowed it down to three likely possibilities:

1. I (without knowing) did something to violate the user agreement of my Google account. If I did, I wish they would let me know, I do not want to repeat the mistake. I've read through it, and see no problem with anything I was doing.
2. Google made an error and accidentally deactivated my account.
3. Someone hacked me and deactivated the account.

I have done some research and found that this has happened to many people, and they usually never find out what happened. I have (of course) informed Google what happened. Rather than sit around hoping that someone will help me, I decided to create this site.

I went back to Google because this is the first time in three years I have had any problems, and I'm not entirely sure it was their fault. I also really like the Blogger format. I like to work with the HTML code and customize things. Wordpress only allows me limited CSS changes.
I'm still working out some of the bugs, but hope to have it the way I want it in the next few days.

Thanks to those of you who have offered to help me with this transition. I hope that this new URL will be even better than the last one. I have no plans to stop blogging any time soon.



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