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In the past few years, I have grown increasingly concerned about the direction of our country. I have seen, taxes increase and the cost of living rise. I have seen, a reckless surge in government spending and an increase of our deficits to astronomical figures. I have seen, the government abandon the constraints placed on it by the constitution, and embrace the teachings of Marx.

I believe we stand at focal point in history. This is the time to stand up in defiance to the rising tide of totalitarian Marxism. A time for us to restore the nation our founders were inspired to create.

My purpose is to inform and convince others of the necessity of limiting the powers of government. I wish to see the following:

1. The end or dramatic reduction of government entitlement programs.
2. The termination of ineffective and unconstitutional government agencies.
3. A return to the 10th Amendment, including more power given to state and local governments, and less power given to the federal government.
4. The preservation and restoration of our God given rights listed in the U.S. Constitution.
5. The restoration of American industry, and an end to disastrous international free trade agreements.
6. The rejection of globalization and a return to true national sovereignty, including protecting our southern border.
7. Returning to sound economic policy, and the rejection Keynesian economics.



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