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In an effort to increase border security on the northern border, DHS is threatening to seize five acres of a Vermont family dairy farm under eminent domain. You know, we have such a huge problem with millions of undocumented Canadians sneaking into the country. The five acres would be used to build a new facility at the low traffic border crossing, which averages 2.5 cars per hour, and is closed eight hours a day.

The family owned dairy farm needs the five acres to grow hay for their cows. The bad economy has hit Vermont farmers hard, the state is predicting that up to 20% of the dairy farms could be out of business in the next year.

DHS has offered the family $39,000 in stimulus funds for the five acres, and if they do not accept they will seize the land. When was the last time you found five acres of land for $39,000? Are you kidding me? You could not buy five acres of uninhabited salt flat for that much money. Even worse is the additional cost the family would need to pay for feed each year due to having less land to grow their own hay.

This is a story that gets under my skin. I grew up on a farm, in a farming community. The photo in this post is of my home town. I understand what the small family farm means. Much of who I am and what I believe comes from a small family farm. Many of our founding father were farmers. George Washington took great pride in his life as a farmer.

This story is the essence of all that is wrong with big government. This is your stimulus at work. Hundreds of billions of dollars dedicated to growing the size of government, and crushing anyone who gets in the way. This is an act of cowardice, set in motion by a bureaucracy of pencil pushers that likely have no idea where the food they buy at the store comes from.



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