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It's been almost a month since the spill began. It looks like this spill is going to continue for some time. I'm still amazed that our green job minded government, has yet to figure out how to stop the flow. Even more baffling is the lack of effort being spent to minimize the impact it will have on shorelines. Are we just going to be helpless victims hoping the problem will go away?

It seems that everyone is looking to first establish blame. We can worry about that later; there will be plenty of time for blame in the future. Right now we need to minimize the damage.

These guys have an excellent solution:

I have a crazy idea! Instead of paying farmers not to grow hay, (yes we do this) use the money to buy their hay, and use it in the soak up some of the oil. Who am I kidding? It's unlikely Washington would do something like this.

What is possible, is states and communities directly impacted by this spill using some common sense. Use hay to soak up some of the oil! Don't sit around hoping Washington will save you. This solution could minimize the impact on crucial portions of shoreline.



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