Trestin 2012

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Last night's caucus was an experience to remember. We discussed a number of issues and resolutions. As the meeting went on, I found myself in agreement with almost everything that was being said. We discussed the evils of the 16th and 17th amendments. We discussed the importance of states rights and rural representation. I agreed to be be a delegate to attend the state convention. And then...

I was asked to run for State Senator, I accepted. This morning, I filled out the proper paperwork to have my name on the ballot. I certainly am underdog at this point. I am a third party candidate, with absolutely no election experience, running against a popular incumbent. Even if I lose, this will provide me an opportunity to get out the message of limited government to an audience I would have never reached.

If I do win, I will be able to take on D.C. through the power of state legislation. I have said time and time again, the only way to take this country back is through the states. If I do win, I will have the authority to fight for more proportionate representation for rural areas of the state. If I do win, I will be able to fight for individual liberty by apposing unneeded laws and statutes.



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