The Conservative Tax Myth

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The left has numerous examples economic fantasy masquerading as reality. We keep hearing from the left, the myth that the rich are not paying their fair share. They seem to think that tearing down the rich is gong to make everyone wealthy. The right also have a strange belief about the poor not paying their fair share.

We hear over and over from the right, the idea that almost 50% of Americans pay no taxes; this is not true. It is true that almost 50% pay no income taxes, but the income tax is only a fraction of the taxes the American people pay. Everyone pays sales tax. Every working person is paying painful taxes in the form of Social Security and Medicare. Every one is paying for the hidden corporate taxes in the form of a higher price for goods and services. Everyone pays the most painful tax of all, inflation.

I do agree that anyone on government assistance [such as welfare and unemployment] are taking much more than they are paying in and therefore not really paying taxes. However, every working person is paying more than their fair share, regardless of their income tax rate.

Class warfare works both ways, eating the poor is not a counterargument to the eat the rich strategy. Both are economic cannibalism and leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth. We don't need to raise taxes on anyone, poor or rich! We need to cut spending and lower taxes! Everyone who is not a government dependent, is paying much more than they should.



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