Biological Weapons

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There has been much talk about the danger of nations such as Iran gaining nuclear weapons. To the public, such a prospect is truly frightening. While such a development is certainly not a good thing, it is not the ultimate danger the media would have you believe. Why? Because Iran and others already have weapons more dangerous than any nuclear weapon.


The past thousand years have shown that pandemic is far more dangerous than conventional war. The Black Plague devastated the entire old world and wiped out much of Europe's population, forever changing the course of Western civilization. When Europeans came to the Americas, most of the native people were destroyed inadvertently from disease brought by the European settlers. The flu pandemic of 1918 killed 50-100 million people worldwide. That is greater death toll than WWI, in a little over a year.

A nuclear weapon is no joke, it can destroy a large city or small nation, instantly. Then there is the danger of radiation. Radiation poisoning is a horrible way to die. However, a biological weapon is even worse. A biological weapon has the possibility of bringing about the extinction of the human race. As bad as radiation poisoning is, the suffering caused by certain pathogens is much greater. You know, fun stuff, such as bleeding to death through your eyes while your insides slowly turn to goop.

The first argument made against the danger of biological weapons is that no sane nation would ever use such weapons, because it would destroy them as well. Two thoughts on that:
1. The same can be said of nuclear weapons. If someone like Iran was to use a nuclear weapon, they would be signing their own death warrant. Sane nations do not use weapons like these.
2. A biological weapon could be engineered to only target certain races or ethnic groups. Also, a biological weapon is much more difficult to trace. A nuclear weapon comes in the form of a missile or bomb. A biological weapon would likely come in the form of an infected person mixing with the public.

If this is such a danger why is nothing being done?
Compared to a nuclear weapons program, a biological weapons program is cheep and easy to conceal. Most nations already have some form of biological weapons research, even if just for defensive purposes. If we went after each nation with biological weapons capability that poses a threat, the whole world would be on fire.

Why the nuclear focus?
War is big business, especially if you believe in Keynesian economics. It's much more easy to scare the public with images of mushroom clouds and atomic blasts than a bacterial strain. Defense companies make billions continually stoking our fears. Central banks make even more money funding various nations to defend against and develop these weapons.

To sum it up
The idea of launching a preemptive war against a nation to keep them from devolving weapons less deadly than the weapons they already have, is insanely stupid. Especially since such an attack might actually trigger their use of a devastating biological weapon. One more thing. STOP WATCHING FOX NEWS!!!



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