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Many guessed Iraq, associating it with the Sumerians, but that was not the correct answer. The oldest ruins ever found predate the Sumerians thousands of years. Where are these ruins located?

Modern day Turkey

The discovery of Gobekli Tepe has completely changed the way anthropologist view the development of civilization. This discovery shows that prehistoric mankind was far more advanced than previously thought.

For such an amazing find, which completely rewrites human history, main stream academia has dedicated a surprisingly small amount of effort and attention. You see, it completely destroys the progressive view of man and civilization. The archeologists working the sight are so married to the progressive view, that they are baffled how a primitive people could have done such a thing. Hello! Any child can clearly see that this was not built by a bunch of backward cavemen.

Even more damaging to the progressive view, the older structures and art are much more advanced than later remains found at the site.

The bottom line
Our ancestors were not a bunch of stupid cavemen, and anthropologist are a long way from understanding how civilization came into existence. Gobekli Tepe is so well preserved because it was burred. I would not be surprised if other more ancient sites were not preserved or are waiting to be discovered.

This week's winner is Teresa. I think she just turned off her targeting system and let the force guide her. Way to go, Cow girl.



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