The Origins of Agenda 21

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For the past couple months, more blogs (still no word from the corporate media) are covering the remarkably important story of the implementation of Agenda 21, also known as sustainable development. If you do not know what this is, you need to learn. A Google search will reveal that Agenda 21 was established in 1992, from multiple sources. While that may be true, the concepts promoted by Agenda 21 predate the U.N.

I've been reading a series of books written by inventor King Gillette. Gillette is best known for founding the Gillette razor blade company, but his writings actually had a greater impact than his inventions, and not for good.

King was a late 19th- early 20th Century progressive/utopian thinker, who advocated and proposed many of the ideas which would become central to globalist ideology. Agenda 21 is actually a modified version of what he proposed in his books. Why have most people never heard of his books? Why would the globalists want you you to pay attention to the man behind the curtain?

Gillette, proposed the creation of mega-cities (one on each continent) in which the entire human population would reside. He also proposed a merger of various world governments and a world corporation, which would dominate all aspects of human life. He basically envisioned globalization on steroids!

Until I read his books, I was always perplexed as to why the globalists were abandoning Marx's plank of equal population distribution. Instead, they seem bent on concentrating populations. It's easy to understand when you realize that they are not actually Marxist; they are totalitarians who use Marx's ideas to further their own agenda. King Gillette's proposal of urbanization, furthers their control agenda much more than Marx's distribution of population.

Rural areas are difficult to control. I grew up in a rural area, but much of my adult life has been spent in large cities. The freedom and independence of rural life is much greater. How many urban dwellers do you know that raise cattle and grow their own food? It's not hard to control people who are completely dependent on your supply chain. So, if you want to control the population, eliminate rural areas by moving people to the cities. For much of the past century elitists have been doing just that, throughout the world.

To move people off the farm, they launched widespread agricultural subsidies, which were designed to destroy small farms. They took control of seeds from small farmers with large companies like Monsanto, who use this control to further weaken small agriculture. They placed high inheritance and property taxes that drive many struggling family farms under the table. They create social programs (The Great Society) and government housing, which incentivizes farm laborers to become urban dwellers.

Now with the implementation of Agenda 21 they have taken what had been a long march approach of implementing Gillette's ideas, into a full out blitz. It is time to wake up.



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