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In recent years, I have discovered that much of the history I was taught is a combination of distortion, omitted events, and outright lies. It makes me wonder; how much of what I think I know now, is simply not true?

Today I was reading about the Civil War. I was taught that the South sought out an alliance with England and France, but neither country provided military support. No explanation as to why, but one just assumes that they did not want to get involved in another country's internal war. Well, there are a lot of important things that we are not being told.

England in particular would have benefited immensely from the long term trade of cotton and tobacco from the Confederate States. This was the time of colonial expansion, the public perception of war (especially in the expanding colonial powers) was quite different than it is today. England did not avoid becoming involved because they lost their nerve for war.

In the 1800's Russia and England were involved in the superpower struggle of their day known as 'The Great Game'. Knowing full well that the South was seeking an alliance with England, Lincoln sought his own alliance with the Tsar Alexander II of Russia. Both men were seeking to liberate segments of their society, and both were struggling against private central banks. The Tsar went so far as to send large portions of the Russian fleet to both coasts of the U.S. to deter England and France from becoming involved.

It's a pretty important detail, but I have yet to see a textbook with this information. Why? There are two reasons that come to mind.
1. It's easier to control the masses in the present, if they do not understand the past.
2. The alliance was significantly impacted by opposition to private central banking, which is not exactly the kind of thing the globalist want children to learn about.

This brings me to my overall point. A lot of what the media and schools teach as history, is nothing more than propaganda. What things have you been taught as truth, which you later discovered were to be untrue? Educate me, please.



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