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Were you afraid on 9/11? Think about that for a minute... What did you feel that day? I was angry, but not really afraid. I knew that the chances of terrorists attacking my hometown were about the same as being wiped out by an asteroid. I can understand why people in large cities were afraid, but do not really understand why terrorism would keep people in rural areas awake at night.

It is strange that we reacted as we did. We let our fear guild us into creating the fascist Department of Homeland Security. We allowed the creation of the Patriot Act, which shreds what was left of the 4th amendment. We committed large amounts of men and resources to wars that had no clear objective.

If we were so afraid, how come more people did not flee major urban areas? Al Qaeda may have plans to attack Dallas, but I doubt it has any grand plans to destroy Putnam Texas. Maybe we chose not to flee the cities becuase we knew that the chances of our city being attacked was not enough to justify the move.

If people were not willing to give up their address for security, why were they willing to give up their God given rights? I love where I grew up, but it is not near as important as my freedom. The government used our national tragedy( and is still using it) as justification to violate our freedoms. We are targeting U.S. citizens for assasination on foriegn soil!

Many have said that the reason Bin Laden attacked us was because he hated our freedoms. While this is a bit of an over simplification, there is much truth in it. My question is: Did he achieve his objective? Do we have the same amount a freedom we did before 9-11?

Evil men are using our fears to destroy the Constitution. They are using fear to restructure our economy. I'm much more concerned about the destruction of the Constitution by Progressive-Marxists than I am about some nut job hiding in a cave.



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