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Since I started Trestin Meacham in October, I have noticed a trend. Conservative bloggers have been banding together. I am seeing a lot more post giving roundups of other blogs. I have also seen the number of comments increasing on most blogs. In my latest effort to promote worthwhile conservative bloggers, I give you my interview with Teresa Rice:

TM: What lead you to become involved in conservative blogging?
TR: Obama cloaked himself as a moderate to those apathetic voters with his Kool-Aid slogan of "hope and change" but I didn't buy into his deception. I knew from his his voting record, and from listening to his words that he was and is really a far leftist liberal. There were two things that led to me entering the blogosphere: Obama's advocating for the passage of the Freedom of Choice Act and his and the Democrats having continued on a path of unsustainable spending with the passage of both the bailouts and the stimulus bill which was filled with PORK spending.

TM: If you could get the government to cut one area of spending, what would it be?
TR: We must reduce the amount of spending on social safety nets. The amount of money that has been and continues to be spent on these social safety nets is outrageous and unsustainable. I think it is great that we help those that are disabled, ill, and truly aren't able to work but it seems like quite a few people abuse the system and that has to stop. Some type of plan needs to be developed that offers good, useful programs that helps people attain employment instead of letting them stay on these social safety nets.

TM: Is there a particular conservative leader or media figure who has affected the way you see things?
TR: As I was growing up I remember listening to Rush Limbaugh with my mother. Rush changed the landscape of the news or state controlled media. Over the years he has consistently challenged the liberal establishment and promoted conservative principles and for that I am extremely grateful to him. I agree with him on a majority of his positions and love his outspoken nature on the issues.

TM: How does your faith impact your political beliefs?
TR: As a Catholic, my faith has taught me that abortion is murder and morally illicit. I am a pro-life advocate and also promote other socially conservative policies. I believe that every person, both unborn and born, has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

TM: What do you think will be the most important issue facing our nation in the next year?
TR: I am torn between two issues. One of the most important issues facing us today is that we need to reduce the deficit. The other issue facing us is that we must move to repeal Obamacare.

When I visit blogs I like to read the comments. Often the person commenting has a blog of their own. If I find their comments to be sound I will check out their blogs. Teresa commented on a few of the blogs I read, so I decided to read her blog. I have been reading it for a few months, and have yet to be disappointed. She speaks from the heart, and makes no apology for her views. Her blog teresamerica has become one of my regular reads. I highly recommend checking it out.



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